Unbridled Parodies

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Bluegrass Institute Director Chris Derry said they liked the states logo so much that they recently parodied it into Unbridled Pork, a report about excess spending in Frankfort, Ky.

"We created a parody of the states motto Unbridled Spirit and instead of using the thoroughbred with its flowing mane in the state's logo, we used a pig," Derry said.

Gay Rights group, the Kentucky Fairness Alliance also changed the slogan to Unbridled Pride and slapped the slogan on the shirts and bumpers stickers to help promote their cause.

The parodies have even made their way to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Chief Counsel called three lawyers on trial for embezzlement being accused of Unbridled Greed.

Derry said the motto leaves itself open for different interpretations.

"Its a great theme to begin building a campaign around on almost anything that you want to describe. Unbridled gives you this sense that there is something new coming."

Derry also said the state's motto is gaining notoriety throughout the state.

He said that while it may seem like these take-offs of the famous slogan are mean-spirited, they are really ways to further the states goal of spirit.

"I think every time you use Kentucky, whether its toward Kentucky Pride or Kentucky: Unbridled Pork, it is advertising whats going on in Kentucky," Derry said.

Derry also said he sees no end to the state slogan parodies.

The latest parody is in the title of a book about Governor Ernie Fletcher titled, "The Unbridled World of Ernie Fletcher" written by a Richmond, Kentucky attorney.