Political Ads... Fact or Fiction

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Saundra Ardrey, head of Western Kentucky University's Political Science Department, said we see more negative political ads around election time because those are the ones people remember. Ardrey said although those are the ones we remember, positive information informs the voter about the candidate.

"The ads that say this is what i stand for, this is what I believe are very good at getting the information that you need," Ardrey said.

Political Science Professor, Scott Lasley said there are two important questions you should ask yourself about each ad you see.

"I think we have this focus on negative ads, which is probably misguided. The question isn't really is it a positive ad or a negative ad, the two most important questions are, is it accurate and is it fair."

Lasley also said ads for incumbents and their opponents are different. If you are an incumbent the ads emphasize what they've done and why they should be rehired. If you are a new candidate, the ads focus on an introduction to the candidate and why they should replace the incumbent.