Courtyard Marriott Smoke Free

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Months ago Governor Fletcher ordered all state office buildings to go without smoking and several restaurants throughout parts of South Central Kentucky have also gone smoke free. Even Lexington and most recently Louisville have adopted city smoking bans, and now Bowing Green could perhaps begin to see signs of a ban of its own.

The Courtyard Marriott in Bowling Green, Ky., is now 100 percent smoke free. All Marriott and Marriott brand hotels in North America were to comply with the new ban by Oct. 15, 20006.

The Courtyard Marriott paid over $200 for each of their eight smoking rooms to be cleaned. The Marriott also spent lots of money getting the rooms smoke free in hopes of pleasing the guests.

"There is nothing worse then going into a hotel and it being stale from cigarette smoke," said David Sims, guest of the Marriott hotel.

The Courtyard Marriott in Bowling Green, Ky., adopted the ban early on Sept. 28, 2006.

"Marriott has adopted the philosophy that we want to make it a pleasant place for all guests of any kind," said General Manager Jeremy Bratcher.

The Marriott feels that by creating a smoke free environment they will be demonstrating a new level of service and care for their guests.

"They understand that many loyal Marriott guests may find that (the smoking ban) a little concerning," Bratcher said, but the Marriott has made accommodations for their guests who wish to smoke, by creating a designated area outside.

"It has nice landscaping, a gazebos, seating areas and it is protected from the element," Bratcher said.

Those caught smoking inside the hotel will be punished. Guests who don't comply with the smoking ban will be fined $250.00.