Historic Neighborhoods Disappearing?

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"We've lost historically African-American neighborhoods such as Jonesville and a good portion of the Shake Rag neighborhood. Our lower income neighborhoods like Saint Joseph are really in danger and have lost a lot of the housing there," said Robin Ziegler of Bowling Green-Warren County's Historic Preservation board.

Instead of vibrant homes either sits new developments, boarded up buildings or in some cases just empty lots of dirt.

According to Ziegler throughout the years different reasons have changed the landscape of the city's historical core.

"There's not just one reason that we lose them. One of the reasons of course is development and new construction. Hospitals, churches, schools, roads...all those things tend to happen on a large scale and wipe out small neighborhoods."

After the times began to change, many of the residents moved out of these neighborhoods, leaving no one one to take care for their historical upkeep.

Ziegler also said its still important that everyone realizes that those living in these small neighborhoods, from all walks of life, were the starting point for what we see today.

"Shake Rag and Saint Joseph are what built Bowling Green. Irish immigrants in Saint Joseph's, the growing black middle class in Shake Rag. These are the people who built it," Ziegler said.