Barren County Commonwealth Attorney Forum

On Oct. 16, 2006, WBKO sat down with the candidates for Barren County Commonwealth Attorney, Democrat incumbent Karen Davis and Republican challenger Bobby Norris. The Barren County Commonwealth Attorney serves the Barren and Metcalfe County areas.

In the first segment each candidate was asked two questions, which they had one minute each to answer. Each candidate also had one minute for closing remarks.

Questions started with the incumbent Davis and listed below are the questions that were asked:

  • 1. Ms. Davis what kind of cases are bogging down the court system and what have you done to help clean it up?
    Mr. Norris what kind of cases do you think are bogging down the court system, and how do you think you can help clean it up?

  • 2. Mr. Norris how would you serve both Barren and Metcalfe Counties fairly?
    Ms. Davis how have you served both counties fairly?
  • To hear the candidates' answers to above questions click here,and if you want to hear the candidates' closing statements click here.

    Remember Election Day is Nov. 7, 2006. To see our online calendar of scheduled forums this month and view each forum in their entirety click here.