Vote 2006 - Whitfield/ Barlow Part Three

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The war in Iraq has divided America since it began in 2003. Many Kentuckians have lost loved ones fighting overseas, but how Kentuckians view the Iraq war compared to the view of the election candidates for the 1st Congressional District are a little different.

Barlow said progress in the war is impeded by a one-sided congress, while Whitfield said although he wants troops to come home as soon as possible, a complete withdrawal before a solid Iraqi government can take over would be counterproductive.

In addition, Whitfield said homeland security has increased, because we are not fighting terrorism at home, but Barlow said homeland security also depends heavily on a bipartisan government.

Like the Iraq war, illegal immigration is also a topic that continues to divide America. Both Whitfield and Barlow said immigrants need to come here legally. Although the two candidates differ on how to deal with the 11 million illegal aliens already here.

Barlow said the solution lies in American investment in neighboring countries. While Whitfield said Bush's Immigration initiative has been effective.

One thing both candidates said is that they will strive for a better and brighter Kentucky.