Campaign Signs Vandalized

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"We started out with a few yard signs and I'd say maybe 30-40 the first time. Then it was 100, then 200," said Elaine Price, campaign manager for incumbent Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon.

On Oct. 17, 2006, members of the Buchanon group woke up to find even more destruction of the advertisements.

"We've had somewhere in the neighborhood, I'm guessing about 150 signs that at this point in time have been taken," Price said.

Price also said in all, the campaign has seen nearly 16,000 signs destroyed, which is more than she said she's ever seen. "There's always a few signs that are destroyed or removed but I've never seen anything like this."

In a phone interview with WBKO, Buchanon said the destruction of the signs are an "expensive annoyance." He also said he didn't know who was responsible for these acts, but he's surprised that anyone would go through that much trouble.

One of Buchanon's opponents, Harold Brantley, said some of his campaign signs have also been defaced during this race. Brantley said the acts are disrespectful and costly.

A third candidate, Jim Duffer, said he has not had problems with sign vandalism since he has no signs advertising his run for office. However, Duffer did say that he's totally against any thievery or vandalism of property.

Price said in all, nearly $3,000 in damages has been done to these signs. She also noted Buchanon's campaign ordered replacements for the 4-by-4 signs, but don't have any in stock, so they will try will repair as many signs as possible. Any signs that aren't repairable will be replaced by smaller yard signs.