Three Found Guilty In Cold Case Slaying

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A jury hands down it's verdict in the murder of Corinna Mullen, after the case went cold for 20 years.

In 1987, police discovered the 20-year-old's body in the trunk of her car in Muhlenberg County.

But in 2006, a woman confessed to witnessing Mullen's murder, leading a state police detective to launch an investigation that would bring Mullen's case to trial, and to the murder conviction of a former Central City police officer.

Daniel Kemp has a wrap-up of the trial's final moments.

It's the day Corinna Mullen's father and the rest of his family has waited for.

"I feel like so much has been taken off my shoulders," said Claude Mullen, Corinna's father. "I never thought it would happen."

On Tuesday, Judge Edwin White handed down maximum sentences for Billy Fields, Jeff Boyd and Jimmie Cramer, after a jury found them guilty in the death of Corinna Mullen.

"The Mullen family has looked for justice for almost 22 years now and we're glad they finally found it here in Christian County," explained Commonwealth Attorney Tim Coleman, who also served as special prosecutor in the case.

After two days of jury deliberations, former Central City Police Lieutenant Billy Fields was sentenced to life in prison, after he was found guilty of murder, rape, kidnapping, sodomy and tampering with physical evidence.

Jeff Boyd was also sentenced to life in prison for Mullen's murder, kidnapping and rape.

The third defendant, Jimmie Cramer, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for manslaughter, rape and kidnapping.

"We were able to show jurors that these defendants were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and that's what they found," Coleman said.

For two weeks, defense attorneys tried to prove their clients' innocence.

"It just doesn't make any sense ladies and gentleman," explained Jason Pfeil, attorney for Billy Fields, during closing arguments in the trial.

"They have no evidence this woman was raped," Keith Virgin, attorney for Jimmie Cramer, said during his closing arguments.

Three of the defense attorneys declined to comment after the court proceedings Tuesday evening, but each say they plan to appeal.

But for now, the Mullen family says it's a chapter they can now close in their lives.

"For me and the kids both, this has been a lot on us over the years and I want to thank everybody, especially my family," Claude Mullen said.

"The story that finally come out that we've wanted to tell for so many years is finally out. We're happy about that. We're happy that it's over," added Heather Mullen, Corinna's sister.

Final sentencing for the men is June 5th.

Both Jimmie Cramer and Jeff Boyd are currently serving sentences for prior convictions.

Corinna Mullen's former roommate, Angela Smith, and Mullen's ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Springer, will face a jury at a later date in this case.

Smith will face perjury charges. Springer will face charges of perjury and complicity to rape and sodomy.

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A former police officer and two other men have been found guilty in the death of a woman in western Kentucky 22 years ago.

A jury on Tuesday found former Central City police officer Billy F. Fields guilty of murder, rape, kidnapping, sodomy, and tampering with physical evidence in the case of 20-year-old Corinna Mullen.

The jury also found Jeffrey L. Boyd guilty of murder, kidnapping and rape, while the third defendant, Jimmie Dale Cramer, was found guilty of manslaughter, rape and kidnapping.

Authorities found Mullen's beaten and mutilated body stuffed inside the trunk of her car near the Central City Municipal Garage in 1987. The case went unsolved after Mullen's boyfriend was charged in her murder and then acquitted.

Kentucky State Police discovered new evidence that led to the indictments in 2006.

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