Smiths Grove Ordinance Against Adult Businesses

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The city of Smiths Grove is taking steps to prevent a rumored adult bookstore from doing business there.

The city commission voted unanimously on Monday on an ordinance to ban adult entertainment businesses from the community. The issue arose from rumors circulating through Smiths Grove that the new owners of the Chevron in town were planning to open an adult bookstore.

The rumor was that they also owned the Lion's Den adult bookstore just off Interstate 65, in Upton. WBKO has learned that both rumors are apparently untrue. The Lion's Den is owned by a company out of Ohio who say they have nothing to do with Smiths Grove.

Meanwhile, the actual owners of the Smiths Grove Chevron tell WBKO they have no plans, nor have they ever had any, of opening such a business. The Smiths Grove city commission is holding a special meeting on Monday morning at 7:30 to discuss the issue and hold the second reading of the issue.