BGPD Pistol Team Wins Another State Championship

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The Bowling Green Police Department Pistol Team just shot its way to its third state championship in four years!

Master Police Officer Bill Stephens said, "We've got a real good team. Everybody on the team is excellent shooters. Somebody might have a bad day, but that's why usually if you have another team member, they can help bring your scores up, and that's actually what's happened several times."

Stephens finished first in Class 3 and took third in team competition with Sergeant Jahlil Flesher.

Detectives Mike Lemon and Brett Kreilein won the team category, attributing their success to lots of training.

"A good, solid base, steady hands, steady eye, good grip, it's just the basic fundamentals of firearms shooting, and we just repeat it so much we get pretty proficient at it," Kreilein said.

Kreilein also said his grandfather taught him how to shoot. Now he and Stephens are both range instructors for Bowling Green PD.

In addition to Lemon and Kreilein and Stephens and Flesher, Major Gary Rich took top honors in Class 2, and Officer Eric Woodward filled in as an alternate on Bowling Green PD's state championship team.

The competition is staged annually by the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Madison County, Ky.