"Vote 2006" Barren County Judge Executive

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Doctor Chris Steward, one of Barren county's candidates for Judge Executive, said it's time for a change in Barren County because of how poorly the county is being managed.

"I think her management style, especially at the road department lacks a lot, we have a lot of waste in county government."

Steward also said using tax payers' dollars, the county has purchased road equipment that is sitting un-used and rusting. One piece in particular is a $40,000 pot hole patcher, which has never been used. Barren County's current Judge Executive, Davie Greer, said the piece of equipment isn't being used because it wasn't what the county ordered.

"We have been in the process of corresponding with the company, and its just one of those things," Greer said. "We don't want to use the pot hole patcher in the summer, because that's not when we needed it, we needed it for the winter."

Another issue is the Kentucky Tri-modal Transpark which sits less than ten miles from Barren County in Warren County. Greer sits on the Transpark board. She said the Transpark supports regional growth.

"The Transpark is a regional facility. We have the opportunity to get premier factories and industries into this area because of the regional facility," Greer said.

Steward has a different idea about Barren County's involvement with the Transpark. He feels the county is doing too much to support industry that isn't located in Barren County.

"We have got to start selling Barren County, not be selling Warren County. I have no problem working with Mike Buchanon, but I will not work for Mike Buchanon," Steward said.

Other issues that are being discussed by the candidates include the loss of industry in the county. Steward said in the last four years Barren County has lost five or six major industries. Greer said as much as she would like to have control over industries leaving, those companies moved to Mexico.