EMS Dispatch Cards

When the Medical Center's EMS department receives a phone call, it follows a strict protocol.

As soon as the department determines what the emergency is, crews are on their way.

When a call comes into the Emergency Medical Services Dispatch Center, the emergency response workers spring into action with a series of questions.

To view an example of some questions that may be asked when a call is made to the EMS Dispatch Center click here

"Depending on the answer they can start offering the aide a person needs,” said Randy Fathbruckner, the director for the Medical Center's EMS Department.

The department has a computerized system with instructions on how to handle the various situations.

"As the case unfolds the community specialist starts offering assistance whether it's a lady in labor, or a person having difficulty breathing, or they're bleeding from some type of injury they start offering assistance right away on how to handle the situation,” said Fathbruckner.

With this system, those with the EMS Department can determine if it's an emergency situation and how they respond.

"It's a risk to the community and to us when we respond to an emergency and the time that we can keep that down is beneficial to everyone,” said Fathbruckner.

As a back-up to the computer system, the department has flip cards that have the same instructions on them.