Election Day Turnout

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Kentucky's Secretary of State is predicting a voter turnout of about 43 percent for the Nov. 7, 2006, elections.

Trey Grayson also said yesterday that such a turnout would be lower than those of the past two congressional midterm elections. Grayson said in 2002 the turnout was 47.5 percent while in 1998 the turnout was 47.8 percent.

Grayson said his prediction is based on the lack of a U.S. Senate race, plus low-key or nonexistent contests in the 5th and 6th Congressional Districts. He said reports that campaigns are having trouble recruiting volunteers could also be a factor.

Even at 43 percent, the turnout would be higher than that for the 2003 Governors race, which Grayson said was 40.2 percent.