Jim Burress Sentenced

Former WBKO anchor and reporter is sentenced to spend time in a federal prison.

In May, Jim Burress was convicted for helping to hide nearly $80,000 that his roommate, Travis Boothby, had stolen from a bank in Paducah. Boothby had taken the money from a money machine at the Farmer's Union Bank.

It was later found in a Bowling Green house owned by Burress and Boothby. Boothby pleaded guilty to the charges against him, but Burress maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

Testimony in the trial indicated that when FBI Special Agent Dick Glenn showed up at the home looking for the missing money Burress claimed he didn't know anything about it.

When the money was found, he then admitted to having known where it was. Burress and Boothby both have now been sentenced to spend one year and one day in prison.

They will turn themselves over to authorities in October and begin serving their time.