Warren County Judge-Executive's Race - Part I

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"He's been in for 12 years, and he spends $200,000 to explain to people what he's done for them, and what he can do for them. I'd think the people would know by now, if he's done 'em a good job," said Jim Duffer about current Warren County Judge Executive, Mike Buchanon.

Duffer is the former president of"Warren County Citizens For Managed Growth, a group dedicated to stopping the Kentucky Trimodal Transpark.

"Why has it been so important for him to circumvent the laws? He's basically broke the law in Kentucky, now he's circumventing federal laws in order not to do that Environmental Impact Statement," Duffer said.

But Buchanon said he and the county have done nothing illegal, and said that's been proven time and time again in court, with Duffer's group losing every case it's brought against the county.

"And we've asked for an Environmental Impact Statement to be done on some roadwork that's been done out there. And found the state and federal government didn't feel it was necessary to have it done out there," Buchanon said.

Democrat Harold Brantley ran against Buchanon four years ago and lost. So why does he think he can win this time?

"I have a lot of people that did not vote for me four years ago, that have encouraged me and said if I'd run again they would help me this time. We still have a horrendous traffic problem in the city, and that has not been properly addressed. I think we can make a positive difference in Warren County. I'm willing and want to serve in that capacity," Brantley said.

Judge Buchanon said he's working on the traffic problems. "Sometimes signage, lights, and enforcement, and a law presence do help some. But our bigger problems are expanding our infrastructure and bypassing congested areas, and allowing people more direct routes or alternative routes, to get to those places everyone wants to go."

Buchanon also said he's improved the things voters said they cared about, law enforcement and recreation.

"The Sheriff's Department of Warren County is the best full service sheriff's department in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. And I know of no other county in Kentucky that can boast of the beautiful park system we have here, and our ability to grow within those new acres of parks," Buchanon said.