270 Area Code Change?

Kentucky's Public Service Commission is concerned the numbers in the 270 area code may run out as early as late next year.

The PSC is holding meetings across Western Kentucky to get ideas from the public on how it would like the commission to deal with this issue.

The PSC said it has two choices: to split the area code geographically, or it could overlay the 270 area code, which would cause residents to dial ten digits for local calls.

"If it's going to run out at the end of next year, we need to get moving on it quickly because you need at least six months for a transition period, preferably a year for a transition period," said Andrew Melnykovych, the Communications Director for The Public Service Commission.

The PSC is currently asking the Federal Communications Commission to limit the block of numbers a provider gets to help extend the life of the 270 area code.

By the end of the week of Oct. 23, 2006, the PSC will post the options it is considering on its website. There will also be a form for the public to comment.

For more information, you can log onto www.psc.ky.gov.