German Students Visit Bowling Green

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It's a combination of cultures at Bowling Green High as a group of students from Germany visit the school.

"I was quite interested because I love to meet new people and America is really far away from Germany, it's a different culture. So I was interested in it," said Caroline Bergter, an exchange student from Germany.

The eight German students are partnered with a student from Bowling Green High and are staying with that student's family.

The students from Germany said the Bowling Green students are inquisitive about their traditions and culture.

The teachers said this is a good experience for the students, so they can be immersed in a different culture.

"No textbook, no matter how good it is, can really teach what it's like to be in another culture," said Dr. Ferrel Rose, a foreign language teacher at Bowling Green High.

The students from Germany will be in Bowling Green until Nov. 3, 2006.

In March 2007, a group of students from Bowling Green High will travel to Germany.