Scam Alert: Be Aware of Area Caller Asking for Money

Random phone calls are being made throughout our community, by someone falsely identifying themselves with some familiar organizations in hopes of getting donations.

Officials say a man calling himself Phil Barkley has been making these calls and telling people he's with one of several emergency organizations throughout the area, like Warren County Emergency Management or the Warren County Fire Department. Officials also say people tend to be more vulnerable to these type scams during the holiday season, as they're in the spirit of giving, but they're urging you to watch out.

If you are suspicious someone is trying to scam you, do your homework before making a donation. All you have to do is make a quick call to the sheriff's office or police department. Since they keep lists of organizations with solicitation licenses, they'll be able to tell you if the organization asking for money is legitimate.

If you think you may already have received on of these scam calls, you're asked to contact local law enforcement immediately.

You can also call the Bowling Green-Warren County Emergency Management Office at 781-8776.