Information Not Yet Released in Deadly Accident

The speed of the Bowling Green Police cruiser that killed WKU student Ali Carter on April 2nd of this year, has still not been determined.

Kentucky State Police say she ran a stop sign at the intersection of 13th and Kentucky Streets, pulling in front of Bowling Green Police Officer David Hall while he was on his way to assist another officer on a call.

Although the black box in Carter's car indicates her speed as she rolled through the stop sign, Kentucky State Police aren't releasing the numbers.

Trooper Todd Holder says Carter's family has asked Kentucky State Police for an accident re-constructionist. Holder says the Carter's believe the BGPD Officer was speeding down the 35 mile an hour road.

"In Ford's case, they just gave us raw data we have 4 accident re-constructionists crunching the numbers."

There's no time line for when the information will be released.
WBKO contacted the attorney representing the Carter family who said he has no comment since he hasn't seen official documentation from the investigation.