Warren County Judge-Executive's Race - Part III

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Democrat Challenger Harold Brantley ran against Republican Incumbent Mike Buchanon four years ago, losing, while opposing the Kentucky Trimodal Transpark. He still doesn't think the Transpark is the answer to Warren County’s economic growth.

Democrat Challenger Harold Brantley says, "The Transpark will primarily bring manufacturing jobs. The kind of jobs I'm talking about are higher-paying professional service jobs."

Republican Incumbent Mike Buchanon replies, "Manufacturing is always going to be a major part of the mix to new job creation, and we expect that to continue for some time. But we also recognize the information age is absolutely going to be the source of the jobs of the future, and we have all the natural assets here to be a major player in that information-age economy."

However, more jobs mean more traffic.

"Warren County's judge should take the lead in establishing an outer loop for our community,” said Brantley. “Scottsville Road, out around Greenwood High School; there's just a traffic problem every day, and I believe the county can correct that with the right leadership."

Buchanon says the first two sections of the outer loop have already been funded. "The first section of the extension of Natcher Parkway will ease traffic on Scottsville Road a great deal,” he explains. “The new interchange we're designing on Nashville Road will ease traffic on Scottsville Road a great deal and take away the necessity for stopping at traffic lights there. Next year we plan to have the first phase built, which will go from the end of Natcher Parkway to Scottsville Road at approximately Dye Ford Road."

However, what people are talking about, are the newspaper ads Buchanon ran about "Good Citizens for Good Government,", which is a group formed by some of Brantley's friends.

"I'm familiar with that group and I've stated that,” Brantley says. “And each one of these three individuals that are the directors are friends of mine. I think the judge has been overzealous in criticizing citizens like them. The citizens should have a right to voice their opinion. I think that's what government is all about."

Buchanon responds, "But to those people who feel we've overreacted, I apologize for offending their sensitivities. However, if Mr. Brantley feels I've somehow offended his friends, then maybe he should be doing the apologies to them, because I didn't talk them into getting involved in this. He did."

Brantley adds, "Does he have something to hide that these individuals may run some kind of ad that would inform the public, that would enlighten them how they make their choice on November 7th? You know, you have to ask yourself that."

"If my opponent wishes to attack me, he should do it himself, instead of getting someone else to do it for him," Buchanon said.

Brantley points out Warren County's property taxes have gone up five times in Buchanon's three terms in office.

However, Buchanon notes the county's tax rate is still the fourth lowest in the state, the same rate it was in 1975.

Election Day is November 7th.