Jordan Clarke - Hometown Hero

"He tries to make us feel like one big family here and pretty much we are."

Dana Sapp is talking about her boss of more than three years, Jordan Clarke.

"He's your boss, but he's more like your friend."

Jordan has been the owner of Wooten Insurance in Scottsville for more than a decade. He bought the business in 1994 and kept its original name.

"It's been a labor of love because when we came here we didn't know anybody."

But Jordan quickly got to know the people in his new community through service work and volunteerism.

"We have an older lady who is hard of hearing and he will actually go visit her at her home and take time out of his schedule to go explain her insurance coverage."

"That's just part of the job and when they need you, you have to be there for them. I don't think there is anything special or extra about that, just standard for customers."

Jordan serves on the YMCA board, Rotary Club, United Way, the Chamber of Commerce, First United Methodist Church and the list goes on.

He's received dozens of honors for his generosity and this week we would like to recognize him as our hometown hero.

"I guess i was flattered they thought enough of me to do that, but it was definitely a surprise."