Drug Treatment Services

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The Department for Community Based Services or DCBS says a little over 7,000 children are in and out of home care in Kentucky. Eight out of 10 of those children come from homes where substance abuse is a problem.

Several area communities will receive funding for substance abuse services and early intervention programs through the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

The funding is for the Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Team, otherwise known as START.

"As I've had the opportunity to travel across the state it's very evident that substance abuse is our number one barrier to providing services to the children and to the families of the citizens of Kentucky", said DCBS Commissioner, Tom Emberton, Jr.

The program will work to help the family with its substance abuse problems. It will also work to help reunify families.

"It's our job to make sure that we offer the resources, so that our parents are successful and that we can keep families together", said Emberton.

The program will collaborate with community partners, in-home services, treatment programs, and full-time parent advocates.

"We will rely upon the drug courts, those entities that are providing treatment, and again the experience of our staff," said Emberton.

Barren County received $100,000 for the START program and $25,000 for child care assistance.

Metcalfe County was awarded $50,000 for the START program.

The Lake Cumberland Region, which includes Adair, Clinton, Cumberland, and Russell counties, also received funding.