Children First: Physical Education and Obesity

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For eighth grader Justin Flynn gym class is a way to take a break and get some exercise during the school day. Justin, like thousands of other children, says when he gets home though after school it's easier to stay inside and not exercise. He says he tries to make exercise a priority but not all children do.

Physical Education teacher, Vetra Anthony, says she wants to teach kids that you don' t have to be an athlete to be athletic. She's noticed obesity in children is becoming more and more of a problem. That's why she is one of the teachers in Warren County applying for a federal grant that is aimed to bring more equipment to the classroom. With the grant the middle school and other elementary schools will receive $350,000 for new equipment like treadmills or heart rate monitors.

Anthony says she hopes she can teach children about the importance of exercise and encourages them to make it a lifelong habit. Teachers will not know if they have received the grant month until October.