"Vote 2006" Family Court Judge

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There are no party lines to run on, only experience and this year four candidates believe they have what it takes to be the next Family Court Judge. Joy Denton, one of the candidates says she's passionate about the job.

"It is my belief, we as attorney's owe a debt of service to our community... I can best fulfill that service by being elected the Family Court Judge. I care deeply about the families of Warren County."

Dixie Satterfield, another of the candidates says with his three children and two grandchildren he knows how important the futures of our children are.

"I understand how raising children... uh effects you, and how you must keep the children's interest the foremost in your life. They're the citizens and leaders of tomorrow so we must take care of the children and protect them."

Osi Onyekwuluje says through life's adversities, he has gained the experience to be a Family Court Judge.

"Many people know that a person like myself has seen unfairness throughout my life. I have had a lot of unjusticeness tossed my way. And because I've been through it, I am best qualified I guess you can say to smell it out."

Catherine Holderfield, a current Family Court Judge says the most important thing is to educate people so they don't end up in court.

"I like to prevent people from ending up in court in the first place. Because once you are in court its lots of time you miss work it effects everything else too."

Coming up tomorrow night, Stuart will take a look at the qualifications each candidate has for Family Court Judge position.