"Vote 2006" Family Court Judge Race

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Current Family Court Judge, Catherine Holderfield says the other candidates have experience with family court cases, but Holderfield says she has the most.

"Now I devoted my whole practice to family law cases and uh, have done over one thousand family law cases, before I took the bench. I've handled over 37- hundred cases since I took the bench."

Joy Denton, another of the candidates for the seat says she is qualified because of the wide range of cases she has worked on.

"I have practiced cases from adoptions to terminations of parental rights, from child abuse cases representing adults who have been accused of abuse, from divorce cases where parents are fighting over who will be the best custodial parent for their child."

Candidate, Osi Onyekwulije says he is qualified for the seat because of his knowledge of the US Constitution.

"I've excelled in constitutional law and I perfectly understand what the founding fathers wanted when they created the country. That's one thing, of course the voters need to understand that I've dedicated my life to public service."

Dixie Satterfield says he is qualified for the position because of his many years of law experience.

"I have handled all sorts of family court cases, and I've practiced in Warren County and all the counties surrounding Warren County. I've handled cases in Tennessee and in other states. I've done many different types of family law cases. Almost everything I've heard of, I've handled."

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