Franklin City Hall Moving

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The Franklin City Hall will call home to a new location. The City Hall will soon move downtown into the Regions Bank building.

Merle Norman owner says, "I am excited for city hall to be moving downtown as a small business owner in Franklin I think the more traffic the better."

Regions Bank will remain in their current location and will lease their own space from the city.

City Manager Robert Higgins says, "We haven't fully laid out plans; as I mentioned it's about 2,400 square feet; at this point and time we are going to occupy the downstairs area and the upstairs portion will require some additional work to make it suitable for us. We will address those needs as they come along."

City Hall has not made an official decision on when the move will take place. They currently are looking at end of January beginning of February depending on when Regions Bank is done with their portions of the renovations that are taking place.

Some area business owners are concerned the move could wreak havoc on parking.

Moore Drug Company owner Robert Graves says, "The biggest drawback is lack of parking or the shortage of parking; that's the only drawback I see right now."

City Manager Robert Higgins says, "We have had some concerns about parking but our employees will be parking at the rear of the building; the majority of traffic at the city hall uses our drive thru window service and that will be available at Regions Bank for customers to continue to use that service."

The city will close on the building October 31 and will then gain full ownership. Currently the city does have an interested outside party to buy the old city hall building but the deal has not been finalized. If the interested party does not buy the property it will be on the market for sale by the City of Franklin.