Single-Gender Classes

The week of October23, 2006, the Bush administration announced it is about to give public schools much wider latitude to teach boys and girls separately.

Starting November 24, local school leaders will have discretion to set up the classes for individual subjects or even the entire school.

An area school has had a few single-sex classes for the last couple of years.

In some of the freshman Health classes and several Physical Education classes at Butler County High, you'll just see all girls or all boys.

"In talking about certain topics, sensitive topics, it was really easy to talk about those topics and even have certain programs for different genders,” said Michael Elmore, the principal.

Teachers at the school say having some of these classes as single-gender create a comfortable atmosphere.

"They seem to focus on the task and those type of things,” said Deryl Hall, a Health teacher.

The students say while they like having some single-gender classes, they wouldn't want every class to be that way.

"Well, I thought it kind of stank because there's not girls in the class. I thought it'd be pretty bad, but it's pretty cool now,” said Eli Embry, a freshman.

However, the students think the distractions are still the same because they're still in class with their friends.

"Us girls like to talk a lot more than guys do. I guess that would be the only thing, we talk a lot more,” said Lyda Barks, a freshman.

Butler County High used to have single-gender English classes as well. However, that was stopped a few years ago because it was too hard to adjust the master schedule to the classes.