Warren County Sheriff's Department Uncovers Large Meth Lab

Meth Lab

What started out as a routine arrest by the Warren County Sheriff's Department ended up in a large meth bust Friday afternoon.

Sargeant Dallas Bailey arrested 41-year-old Carolyn England at a residence on Gurkin Road, for failure to pay court fees.

At the time of the arrest, Sgt. Bailey found a handgun and small amount of methamphetamine in her possession.

Sargeant Bailey also detected a strong chemical odor coming from a shed just beside the residence, which eventually led to the discovery of a meth lab.

The Bowling Green - Warren County Drug Task Force was called in to dismantle four working meth labs inside the shed, an operation designed to produce as much as four ounces of meth per day.

Nineteen-year-old Steven Robertson was also arrested in connection with this meth lab. Both Robertson and England will be charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as manufacture of methamphetamine.