Gonzalez-Pacheco's Friends and Family Mourn

While questions still surround whose bullet is responsible for the death of Officer Whitson, State Police have also not revealed which officer shot Rogelio Gonzalez-Pacheco. Tonight those close to Pacheco are speaking out about what happened on Vine Street Tuesday morning.

Family members did tell WBKO that gonzalez-Pacheco was tased by Bowling Green Police officers before shots were fired, but the taser didn’t stick. But Pacheco’s relatives tell us even if he was in this country as an illegal alien, to them, he is still family.

“I said ‘I love you’ he said ‘I love you Mommy, I’ll be praying for you’ and that’s the last words he said to me,”
Angie Calix, Rogelio’s girlfriend says. Rogelio and Angie had been dating for eight months.

“Once we became close, we never could be seperated... until now,” Calix sobs.

Angie has three children from a previous marriage who Rogilio adored, but lately she hadn’t seen much of her long-term boyfriend.

He’d become distant after finding that he would soon be out of a job and without a place to live. Angie says the bad news didn’t stop there though. He soon learned his mother was very sick and in a Mexican hospital.

“His heart was in so many places. In mexico, here with me and with his family,” Calix explains.

Angie says the money he made as a farm hand was sent to his family in Mexico and that he became worried about how he’d help out with bills, but he was never violent toward others.

Angie nor Rogelio’s brothers can explain why he was waving knives the day he died.

“It was not like him at all. He was a kind, giving person. He’d give me the last penny he had to take care of me and my kids,” Calix explains.

Angie says his illegal status shouldn’t be the focus of the tragedy. Two lives are lost and many quesitons still remain.

“We all have a heart no matter what color our skin is. He came here for a better life and he lost his,” Calix says.

Gonzalez-Pacheco’s body is currently at Burnam and Son Mortuary where the family is planning a visitation. Details have not yet been released but they did tell us they’re trying to bury him in Mexico.