"Vote 2006" Franklin Mayoral Race

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In a city that has seen a large amount of industrial growth in the past few years, Mayor Jim Brown is defending the city's budget. Both of Brown's opponents claim the city's budget is too high. Candidate, Larry Freas says with his 22 years of experience in city government he can do a better job than the current mayor.

"We need visionaries for today there's some projects that are unfinished that I'd like to finish and I think we bring a lot more experience to the table I think we can do a much more credible job."

A big concern on the mind of Candidate Scott Cleveland is keeping the city's children safe by providing sidewalks and sources of entertainment.

"We also need to get something down here for the kids to do, there's nothing in this town for them to do at this time. Whether its a bowling alley, skating rink, movie theater, whatever we need something in this town for the children."

On the contrary, Brown says he's pleased with the atmosphere in the city and wants to continue to lead Franklin's development.

"I think that quality of life has improved in Franklin, Kentucky in the last four years, certainly. I think we've seen a lot of things happen that people have been wanting for a long time."

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