Negative Campaign Ads

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The Nielsen Monitor says that over 900,000 political ads have been running nationwide since the beginning of August.

That's up 31 percent from the 2002 elections.

"We really like the candidates to address issues instead of all the mudslinging that's done," says Bowling Green resident Janice Coomer.

However, it would appear that this year more political candidates across the country are using negative ads in their campaigns.

The Associated Press says national political parties have spend nearly 160 million dollars in smear ads while only spending 17 million to produce positive spots.

Coomer says the use of negative ads troubles her.

"I think its a lack of trust in our society that in general I think this is something we've just fell into to use the negativity."

Sometimes these negative ads can backfire by scaring off voters.

"Depending upon the person's position on some things, it might, if they're negative, it actually diminishes my opinion of them."

Coomer says the amount of negative ads she's seen in recent weeks have numbed her to their intended effect.

"When the campaigns first started, it might have influenced me but then the same thing over and over again does not influence me in a positive way. It's very negative."