Last Minute Campaigning

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Both Ron Lewis and Mike Weaver completed tours of the Congressional district today but didn't stop there.

It may be the eleventh hour before the 2006 midterm elections but for the candidates for the the 2nd Congression Monday still presented an opportunity to sway that last vote.

Supporters and fellow candidates alike turned out in Warren County to cheer on Ron Lewis and mike weaver just hours before the polls open.

Lewis held his rally on the steps of the courthouse while Weaver held a town hall forum at the local UAW.

Both candidates say Monday night was one of the most important nights of their campaigns.

"Well it's important to go out and talk to the troops. They encourage me and I encourage them and its just really a good evening to really get our energy up and get our energy up and get out and do the work we got to do tomorrow," says Republican incumbent Lewis.

"The voters expect you to be seen. At every place we've gone in the last 7 days its so important to the voters that you come out and actually look at them in the eye and talk to them and answer their questions," says Col. Weaver.

Lewis focused his comments on keeping the House and Senate Republican to help "finish the job".

Weaver spoke of how it was time for a Democratic change.

For both Lewis and Weaver, tomorrow is just another campaign day.

"I'm probably going to be nervous tomorrow like any candidate will be during the day of the election. I'm going to be moving around, doing lots of things. I'll be trying to get the vote out tomorrow," says Lewis.

"I'll start tomorrow off here in Bowling Green. Probably stay till about noon and then we'll leave here and go back to Elizabethtown and Radcliffe so I can vote and then we'll go out and talk to as many people after I vote as we can," says Col. Weaver.