Kentucky 23rd District Reaction

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Long time Republican State Representative, Steve Nunn lost his seat to Democratic Challenger, Johnny Bell. Bell says when he heard news of the close race, he was shocked. He says he would like to commend his opponent for everything he has done while serving in the house. House Speaker Jody Richards says he knew the race would be a close one and Bell's hard work campaigning really helped him win.

"I knew that one was going to be close and going to be interesting. Johnny just ran a good race, worked hard. He, compared his thoughts with Representative Nunn's record and convinced the people he was a better choice."

Bell says there is a number of things he would like to concentrate on during his first term in the house. He says he would like to bring more factories to the district as well as recruit health care providers.

"I believe that if we have competition that is something that would drive health care costs for our community and our
state as a whole."

Here's the break down of numbers from yesterday's vote for State Representative, in the 23rd district. In the end Nunn fell short with only 47% of the vote, compared to Bell's 53%, a margin of six percent.