Convention Center Board Trying to Account for $6 Million

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The new Sloan Convention Center Board continues to try and account for millions of dollars in what it believes may be unapproved expenditures by the previous board. Current board member and city commissioner Jim Bullington believes the previous board spent more than $6 million in unapproved expenditures, including $900,000 in legal fees.

Bullington says the previous board may have been the victim of bad legal advice. He says the board may have been told they were within their rights to spend the money, when an ordinance governing the convention center board specifically requires the approval of the city commission for large expenditures and any money allotted for expenses other than insurance and bond repayment.

City staff will continue to review canceled checks and search for invoices in an attempt to account for where the money went, and the board is expected to hear those results at its next meeting.

The Board did vote to adopt all but one of the Convention Center Task Force's recommendations, which will now be heard by the BG City Commission.