$4.6 Million Dollar Renovations At Warren East High School

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky (WBKO) -- There are a lot of exciting changes underway over at Warren East High School, projects totaling $4.6 million. Teachers say the Raiders are taking the changes very well.

“It is a lot of relief. I'm not getting lost, which is surprising," said Kerby Gilstrap, Warren East High School Freshman.

Although the school's entrance has been rerouted and some dirt is scattered on the concrete, the major construction zone is currently in the school's cafeteria. While the renovation will accommodate more students and seating, the faculty is forced to use creativity to meet the needs of students.

"We are having a really good time making this work. We are working over at Warren East Middle School and Bristow Elementary School. We prepare the food over there and then we actually transport it to this location. So, breakfast and lunch every day. It has been a planning process but we are enjoying this time. We're able to serve things that may be a little bit different and even get these students to test some of our new recipes," said Gina Howard, Food and Nutrition Director, Warren County Schools.

With the cafeteria being one of several projects, the school board says Warren East has needed these updates for several years.

"What this is going to do, is allow the school to bring in more students," said Morgan Watson, Warren County Board of Education.

A sophomore at the high school says there is one aspect of the renovation that fits into the new technological era.

"I'm really excited about the lunch rooms. We're going to have like a bar and all kinds of different things. There is going to be plug in stations for your cell phones and stuff like that," said Codey Stoll, Warren East High School Sophomore.

The renovations don't stop there, Warren East is moving around tennis courts, adding eighty parking spaces and renovating bathrooms and the library, which will feature more multimedia uses.

A senior Raider says he is proud of the surfacing projects.

"I'm really excited for the new students coming in. A lot of times we have a problem with kids wanting to leave the East district because it's not as good of a school or so they say. But, now we are getting this state of the art stuff it is going to be one of the nicest schools in the county," said Trae Cardwell, Warren East High School Senior.

The school board says Warren Central High School is receiving similar updates.

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