Hometown Hero- Bowling Green Police Officer Gordon Turner

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David Crawford is home, healthy and happy to be alive after a very close call.

Crawford suffered a heart attack just 500 yards from Bowling Green's 10k race. Officer Gordon Turner was patrolling the race route on his bicycle near where Crawford collapsed.

Officer Turner immediately performed CPR.

Paramedics Meagan Jennings and Laura Joe Carter also came to Crawford's aide taking him to the Medical Center where he had by-pass surgery.

ER doctors said that officer Turner's immediate CPR application saved Crawford's life and that EMS's prompt response and care also played a crucial role.

Captain Danny Vickous is responsible for keeping officers current on CPR and first aid and said this type of training is as important to officers as physical training.

Crawford said he's been a runner for 20 years and plans to continue an active lifestyle once the doctor gives the OK.