New Information Released in Five-Year-Old Murder Case

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A new homicide task force made up of the Warren County Sheriff's Department, Kentucky State Police and Bowling Green Police are refocusing on the 5-year-old Twilight Crooks murder case, and revealing new information for the first time.

Jessie Marie "Twilight" Crooks disappeared from her home on the night of Aug. 28, 2001. Her body was found two weeks later on Sept. 10, 2001, in a field off Matlock-Old Union Road.

Today for the first time, the task force is releasing a picture of a men's extra large Edmonson County High School baseball jersey that Twilight was wearing when her body was found. The jersey was not hers, and police want to know where it came from.

"We're wanting to know where this jersey came from, who it belonged to, and maybe this will help us further the case," said Barry Pruitt, Bowling Green Police Officer.

Bobby and Linda Crooks said their daughter was a vibrant 15-year-old girl.

"She was active in sports, involved with soccer and softball, quite active in church, and looking forward to getting out of high school just like any 15-year-old would," said Twilight's father, Bobby Crooks.

Twilight had just begun her junior year at Greenwood High School in the fall of 2001.

Phone records from the night she disappeared indicate that a little before 11 p.m.she received a call from a pay phone only a couple of blocks away.

"We had not known about the phone call and the next morning when Linda went to get her up out of bed, she wasn't there," Crooks said.

Twilight's family is hoping this new piece of evidence that was revealed, the shirt that found on Twilight's body in 2001, will reveal who is responsible for their daughter's death ending a five year investigation and finally giving them a little more closure.

"What we're really hoping is that the jersey is just the beginning of additional information that will be coming from people who know what's going on or know what happened that night," Crooks said.

Anyone with any information on the Twilight Crooks murder is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (270) 781-CLUE.

You can remain anonymous.

To view the Warren County Sheriff's Department, Kentucky State Police and Bowling Green Police press release Click Here