Glasgow Veterans Get High School Diplomas

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These men suffered countless sacrifices, as they fought America’s enemies in World War Two, Korea and Vietnam.

One of those sacrifices occurred early in their lives, when they had to forgo their high school educations to answer their country's call to arms.

So several years ago, the Kentucky legislature started a program to present these veterans with their high school diplomas.

The veterans who were awarded their diplomas today were: Bobby Elliott, Charles Jones, Bobby A. Wade, James Grinstead, William E. Bowles, Royce Hammer, Jack C. Shelton, Thomas E. Bellamy, Wendell Franklin, John W. Franklin, Marshall Embry, Alexander Elliott, William Smith, Billie Joe Groce, Hollis Thomas and Robert L. Duvall.

Besides giving the veterans their diplomas, Friday’s ceremony also served as a great way for the students to learn about the cost of freedom first-hand, from the men who suffered and sacrificed to preserve it for them.