R.R. Donnelley Plant

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Next time you're flipping through a magazine you may think of it a little differently. That's because more than one hundred of the nation's top magazines like Ebony, Oprah's "O" Magazine, Town and County and Jet are printed in South Central Kentucky at the R.R. Donnelley Plant at Glasgow.

The plant produces more than one point five million of the nation's top magazines a day. Production starts when the publisher sends the magazine layout to the company. It's then formatted to a printing plate. The template then rolls over magazine paper at 2,500 feet per minute. Images are created with thousands of little dots of black, blue, red, and yellow that are deposited on the pages.

As the printed page rolls out, it's folded in half, and then cut into sections. Those pages are then taken to the binding center where they are stacked. The glue is placed on the page's edge and a cover wraps around it binding them together. Finally the magazines are shipped off to various distribution centers and eventually they hit the newsstands all over the country, but not matter where you buy them there's a good chance they came from Glasgow.