Possible Drowning at Barren River Lake

The search for a 58-year-old Barbourville man has been called off for the night after emergency workers from all over the region spent Nov. 11, 2006, at Beaver Creek Lake in Barren County looking for him.
The man was discovered missing after his family returned to the lake. The family located their capsized boat down stream from the boat ramp.

Tony Richey with the Barren County Emergency Management said the search was called off because of the dangers of being in the water at night.

"Well its not as much the cold part its just dark you don't know what you're going to run into, because the waters been let down."

Richey also said rescue workers from Warren, Allen and Barren County will continue the search early Sunday morning. He says rescue workers used various techniques to locate the victim but at this point they're looking more at a recovery than a rescue effort.

"We did send a couple divers down to look initially. Its gotten dark on us and its kinda hard to work."

Rescuers started searching around the boat and slowly expanded their perimeter. Richey said the victims body may have drifted further down stream.

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