Adventures In Kentucky: Skydiving

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If you’re the type of person who enjoys thrills and adventures, WBKO has a new segment that might appeal to you. Every Monday at 5 p.m. WBKO will air Adventures In Kentucky, where our own Brandon Lokits will try almost any adventure you can imagine.

In his first segment, Lokits takes a firsthand look at what sky diving is all about.

If you’re not careful, you just may miss it. The Green County Sport Parachute Center near Bardstown, is a place that many people have never seen, but once you visit, you never forget.

“There is no frame of reference, you just gotta get out there and do it,” explained Jim Moore, skydive instructor. After doing it, most feel changed by the experience.

“Amazing dude, best thing I’ve ever done in my life, by far,” applauded Drew Pery, first-time skydiver,.

The Green County Sport Parachute Center has been around for over 35 years. Jim Moore, my tandem skydive instructor, met me when we arrived. I was pleased to know he’d done this a few times before.

“Without looking, 4,030. Somewhere around there,” said Moore, explaining the number of times he has plummeted from a plane.

“I started about 15 years ago, I’m kinda low time compared to a lot of other people. Sean, the other tandem instructor has been jumping quite a bit longer than I have, but once I got started, I was kinda hooked,” Jim shared modestly.

Dan Paganini, the videographer and creator of Barefoot Productions, was on hand to capture the prejump.

“We’re going to 10,000 feet. Two miles, that’s a long way to fall,” I confirmed on camera.

After suiting up, we went over the procedure for the jump. Making our way to the door, too much is happening for fear to be an issue. Then, I was skydiving.

Though we were falling at over 120 miles per hour, it doesn’t feel like you are moving at all. The chute opens and you are on the ground, wearing a big grin. The grin, by the way, sticks around for a few days.

“It’s one of those things. It’s not for everybody, but I wish everybody would try it,” Dan explained.

For more information on the Bardstown Sport Parachute Center or on skydiving, you can call (502)348-9531 or log onto their website

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