New Electronic Voting Machines

Election Day may have gone off without any major glitches but some state lawmakers think the state’s new voting machines could work a little faster, and it could be a topic of discussion at next year’s general assembly session.

House Speaker Jody Richards said he waited over an hour to vote on Nov. 7 because the voting process took so long, and he’s worried not as many people will get to vote if the machines don’t pick it up a little bit.

Secretary of State Trey Grayson said he expects the General Assembly to tackle the issue early next year. He thinks lawmakers may find some room in the budget to improve the state’s election technology. Grayson said the problems may have not been the machines but the number of candidates on the ballot.

A record number of more than 4,000 candidates were on the ballot statewide.

The new electronic voting machines are mandated by federal law because they are handicap accessible.