Tompkinsville Mayor Recanvass

Campaigning for Election Day 2006 may have come to a close nearly a week ago, but the race for Tompkinsville Mayor isn’t over yet.

Former Sheriff Bev McClendon pulled out a one vote win over Jerry Hodges. Now Hodges is filing an official complaint and requesting a recanvass.

The recanvass for Tompkinsville’s mayoral race is set for 9 a.m. Nov. 16, 2006. Absentee votes seemed to have determined the outcome of this race.

Monroe County has 9,659 register voters, but the County’s Clerk office does not have a specific count of how many voters are in the Tompkinsville city limits.

There were 1,130 who voted in the mayor’s race, with 391 absentee votes for the mayor’s race. McClendon received more absentee votes then the other four candidates combined.

These numbers have lead to the suspicion by Hodges of the creditability of the race. Hodges said there were more voters who voted then are actually registered to vote in Monroe County.

The Monroe County Clerk’s office didn’t want to comment on this story. Stay connected to WBKO as we continue to follow this story.