Medicare Changes

Starting today, Medicare recipients have a chance to make changes to their prescription drug plans.

Millions of American seniors rely on Medicare Part-D drug coverage to pay for the medications they need and for the next six weeks, they’ll be faced with tough choices during Part-D open enrollment season.

When the drug program launched last year, seniors had six months to decide which insurance company offered the right program for them. This year, enrollment gets just six weeks.

Add to that more choices, more than 66,000 providers are offering coverage compared with just 33 last year and you can imagine the confusion senior’s might face.

Experts said elder Americans can use these tips to make their choices easier. Make a list of all their medications and review the plan change information with their current provider to see if their medications are covered or if they will cost more.

Finally Medicare offers an online tool at to help seniors sort through their options. Open enrollment ends on December 31st.