Three Children Die in House Fire

A Barren County house fire claims the lives of three young children.

Neighbors said the three kids that lived in the house were 3-year-old Caden and 2 year-old twins Makayela and Ryder Zapata.

The fire happened in Barren County in the small town of Haywood at 140 Old Scottsville Loop Road.

When you look at the house from the outside, there's only a few small signs that there was a fire: a charred piece of the dryer where neighbors say the fire started and soot on the door. However, they say the inside is a completely different story.

The neighbors said the rooms and carpets are all black and the blinds and even the air conditioner have melted.

"The neighbor next door came banging on the door and begging me to help her, her children weren't breathing,” said Mary Scott, a neighbor.

Scott said she and her 7-year-old granddaughter, Cameron, were awoken around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday Nov. 15, 2006, by her neighbor whose house was on fire.

Scott said her neighbor pulled her three children out of the house and put them in a car.

"She asked me to start working on the oldest little boy, trying to give him CPR, that was in the front seat. I made sure he wasn't breathing and then I tried to give him CPR and there was no response,” Scott said.

Scott's daughter, Sherry Haley, heard about the fire when she was at work.

Haley said she didn't know which house was on fire, so she rushed home.

"I saw my mom and my little girl was okay and I felt a little bit of relief,” Haley said.

Haley said her relief was replaced by grief when she heard her neighbor's three young children had died.

She said her daughter felt like a big sister to the Zapata's and one of the most difficult things is breaking the news of her friends’ deaths to her daughter.

"I'm just going to have to tell her the truth: that God has called for them to come to Heaven, they didn't make it,” Haley said.

As for Mary Scott she said she'll never forget the last moments of the three young children's lives.

The Barren County Coroner's office said the three children were taken to Louisville for autopsies.