PlayStation III Making A Grand Entrance

The new Sony Play Station III will launch at midnight on Nov. 16, 2006, and campers are grounded at nearby stores eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Stores in Bowling Green, Ky., are warning they’ll only be getting a few PlayStation III, that’s why gamers have been camping in front of Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart to get their hands on one.

“The earlier you get here the better chance you have of getting one,” said Eric Heick needing all the luck he can get. He was ninth in line at Target and he was nervous.

“I heard stores in Bowling Green only got a few, hopefully I’ll get one," said Heick. But he’s determined to stick it out, bundling up to brave 40 degree temperatures and rain.

“I bought everything I need, got all my school work so I’ll probably sit out here and do my homework. I had a sandwich, but that’s gone,” explained Heick.

All this work and you’d think Heick was a die-hard video game player.

“Not really, not as much as I did when I was younger,” Heick said. All the campers WBKO spoke to are doing this for one reason.

“To re-sell on EBay”

“Sell on EBay.”

“Because I need money.”

After all, 'tis' the season for spending and giving.

“They said they know they have six on hand,” camper David Carter said, knowing he’s number four. Since the rules are: only one SP3 per person, he’s paying several of his friends to wait with him.

“When there’s four guys in this tent it’s pretty warm even if we slept in all four corners,” Carter explained. These guys are cuddled up, bundled up and waiting for some luck.

Play Station III retails for $500 to $600 and only 400,000 will be available in the United States. They go on sale at midnight Nov. 16, 2006.