Metcalfe Constable DUI Update

Metcalfe County taxpayers will no longer foot the bill for a vehicle driven by a long time constable accused of DUI.

Metcalfe County Constable William Poynter was charged with driving under the influence earlier this month. Poynter was arrested by the Metcalfe County Sheriff’s department when he arrived to help them work an accident.

Earlier this week Metcalfe Fiscal Court approved a motion to return the title on Poynter’s vehicle back to him. At a past meeting, Poynter had asked the county for an official tag so he could use his vehicle to go on emergency runs.

With the title returned to him, Poynter will have to pay any back taxes and the insurance. Poynter is scheduled to be arraigned in Metcalfe Circuit Court on Nov. 29, 2006.