Kroger & Pan-Osten Expansion

A national grocer and a local factory can expect an expansion in their Bowling Green, Ky., facilities, thanks to the Planning Commission.

The commission voted unanimously to approve a 22,000 square foot addition to the existing Kroger on 31-W Bypass.

The change would include an expanding and moving of the pharmacy and the expansion of some of the banking services. The front of the Kroger’s building would also undergo a face lift.

Andy Gillies, director of Warren County Planning Committee said, “I think it’s a needed expansion. Its one of the more popular grocery store outlets in Warren County. The business has supported the expansion need.”

Kroger’s has agreed to increase landscaping in their parking lot as well as relandscaping the existing greenery. They will also change some of the right-of-ways along the southern piece of the property to accommodate some greenways needs.

The planning commission also gave the go-ahead to an expansion for Pan-Osten. The company will add 105,000 square feet to the rear of its current facility.

“Pan-Osten has been doing great since they moved into their new facilities. Doing so well that they needed to do a 105,000 square feet addition to the building. This particular detail plan would show where they were going to add that expansion area to their existing facilities,” Gillies explained.

Pan-Osten will landscape portions of the new expansion area. The company makes wood fixtures for places like Wal-Mart, Target and Sears.