Local Pharmacist Speaks Out

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Steve Sheldon, owner of Nations Medicine, one of the largest volume drug stores in the United States, calls Wal-Mart's prescription price drop, mis-leading.

"Ninety percent of the generics listed on this new program Wal-Mart put out are already being sold for $4 or $5," Sheldon said.

In fact, Walgreens and CVS pharmacies said they will not follow in Wal-Mart's foot steps for that reason. Sheldon also said even the list of prescriptions it offers at the $4 is mis-leading. Wal-Mart is claiming to offer over 300 products, when actually its only about 150 with multiple versions of the same product being counted multiple times. Sheldon said he thinks the retail giant is using this as a way to draw in more customers.

"I see it as a marketing ploy, I see it as a way to generate traffic into the store, and quite honestly the community pharmacists here in Bowling Green, our local community pharmacists, we understand the power."

A power, Sheldon said, Wal-Mart is not taking seriously.

"We're concerned with the fact that they're looking at these prescriptions like they're t-shirts and DVDs. You know, prescriptions are not a commodity that should be looked at or marketed as such as like a loss leader lure to bring people into an establishment to buy more product."

Sheldon also said that he doesn't think Wal-Mart is prepared to offer the expertise and individual attention to each customer that a local pharmacy would be able to offer.

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