Go BG Transit

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You will start to see the new hip transit buses cruising down the roadways of Bowling Green, Ky. The new name is Go BG Transit and it replaced the red, white and blue theme with a new and improved aqua blue, orange and lime green.

"I think with a new route and a new look we can continue to get the world out to people that we do have a transit system. I think we are going to see a demand increase and then hopefully with a demand increase then we can provide more routes," Mayor Elaine Walker said.

Walker feels the transit system is the key to easing the overall congestion in Bowling Green.

"My goal ultimately is to provide public transit morning and night and on the weekends, as well as week days; and I think that is where we going to go," Walker said.

Many have had the perception that the transit system is for the elderly or disabled.

"The transit system is for everybody and I would encourage everybody to try it one time. We have the routes posted and you can call and find out what your route would be. What it provides you is to travel through Bowling Green at ease," Walker said.

The transit system has seen a dramatic increase in ridership in the past year. Walker feels that as Bowling Green as a city continues to grow the transit system is going to get bigger as well.